Robert Carradine

P.T.M continued (pg 21-23), by Robert Carradine

Page 21.
it’s one more thing the hammers come in with us I will pay to get them inside so don’t worry “. Half just nodded his head letting Money know that he understood as he pulled onto Interstate 90 headed downtown to the flats .The sound of Camron filled the car as they smoked the cloud was so thick you couldn’t see out or in so Half had to crack the window before they reached downtown because police will be everywhere as he took the exit ramp headed into the Flats.Pulling on Old River Road you could see that the strip was jumping it was people lined up trying to get in all the clubs but the line for the Bottom Line was long as hell.As they pulled into the parking lot it was like a scene of a movie it ,women everywhere ,car’s with candy paint jobs sitting on rims. The sight of almost naked women had Half’s attention he was letting everything process taking everything around him in.Exiting the car Money hit his self with a spray of Curve and tossed the bottle to Half he did the same. Headed for the line Money sparked another blunt as they made there way towards the club .It was so many people that was speaking to Money as they made there way up the strip. Half didn’t know how Money knew most of the people who was showing him so much love greeting him with mad respect .As they waited in line continuing to smoke people was moving fast going inside some being turned around.The line was getting shorter as they was five people from the front of the line Money put the blunt out as he checked to see if his door connect was working.He was up there giving people the full pat down with little speech” purses open no water bottles no mace the cover charge is twenty for guys , ten for ladies no group discount ,you can’t pass the pat down the first time there is no second chances just get out the line and try again next week” Money was next up the guy never looked up” twenty a head ” the guy said as his eyes meet Money’s ” what’s going on bleed how are you? I hope you came for fun and not business?”. Money dapped him up sliding him a hundred dollars” I’m not here on business I’m here to celebrated my boy has finally stepped up from pennies to hundreds.

Page 22.
The bouncer did a slight pat down and let them both through as they continued to walk in the club it was people from every hood you got up U.T.W hustlers to the right ,D.T.W hustlers to the left ,in the middle was Wade Park and Hough hustlers, and all the tenth ward hustlers was in smaller groups around the club but it was the spot to be every hood was represented for the most part.Money made his way to the bar to order some drinks with Half following close behind he signalled for the bartender to come over .”What you having? ” she asked ,she was a yellow bone with red quick weave that also had a fat ass .Money gave her slight smile” let me get two doubles of Remy and two bottles of Moet Rose and your number beautiful” she turned her back to start his order she was letting her hips rock to the sound of the music the whole time Money had eyes glued on her watching every motion when she came back to us she was smiling” here’s your two doubles of Remy and two bottles of Rose that will be two hundred and thirty six dollars” she looked at Money as he peeled off three hundred dollars out of his pocket and placing it on the bar ” you keep the change I will be seeing you later” .Grabbing there drinks and headed through the club it was so crowded it was hard to make your way around with there drinks in the air so they would not get knocked out of there hands they made there way to a corner spot in the far corner close to the bathrooms. Money started off with a toast” to the ski mask way we going places P.T.M over everything” as they took sippsHalf asked”what does P.T.M stand for ?” Money laughed ” plenty of trap money “.Halfdead was noticing a few guys mugging them off to the left but thought nothing of it so he didn’t say shit to Money he just continued to listen to Money’s speech” this is the best place to scope out potential lics but you have to do your home work on these clowns because like the way these fools cap rap you have to know who’s faking it like this guy in the red Indians hat to the untrained eye he looks like he got mad paper but from here I look at his jewelry the watch, earrings and chain are all fake so nine times out of ten you try to hit him he only going to have fifteen hundred or less ” Half eyes was wondering now trying to see the way Money had as he was still going on ” that’s the other thing you see these clowns to the left you see how they all around the one in the middle that means he’s the alpha dog and he has the control of the product they all eat off but see it’s different from hustlers from our way is that we got multiple hustlers we can copp from so there is never a problem for us to get product.

page 23 .
As they continued their conversion a guy walked pass and bumped into Money and spilled liquor all on him but didn’t stop to say anything just headed for the restroom with no hesitation Money was right behind him with Half following suit. As they entered the guy was in the stall and the bathroom attendant was looking at us like we did something wrong but Money gave him Twenty dollars to stepout he took the cash and walked out Money locked the door behind him.The guy came out the stall not paying no attention Half was at the sink washing his hands but Money had emptied the Moet bottle before the guy reached the sink Money had hit him right in the back of the head twice when he reached to hit him a third time he noticed the guy head had opened up but hit him anyway .Falling to the floor the guy was out cold Money was all in his pockets taking his cash and drugs and stripped him of his jewelry. Half was still at the sink looking through the mirror at the whole thing.

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Robert Carradine
DOC #660598

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