Maurice Robinson

Introduction Blog, by Maurice Robinson

My name is Maurice Robinson.
I have been incarcerated for 26 yrs. I got arrested on April 10,1992, I entered the actual prison system and received a number on June 17,1993. I see the parole for the 6th hopefully final time in Feb. of 2019
I’m a single 44 year man, with no wife,girlfriend, baby mama drama or biological kids as of yet. I was born June 19 1974 in South Central Los Angeles,Ca.and raised predominately in Cleveland with my mother and in L.A. during summer breaks with my dad.
Since my incarceration I have chosen to not be a man doing nothing with his time. I obtained my G.E.D, I recently graduated from baking school. I have some college courses for Entrepreunership @ Sinclair Comm. college.
I love to read all kinds of books, I also enjoy writing and meeting new ppl and engaging in conversations capable stimuating my mind with procactive thought and a different perspective. I’m a thinker, and prefer to listen alot more than talk. I taught myself how to speak standard Italian, I’m learning how to write and read it fluently now.
My contact info: Robinson #274-715

Maurice Robinson
DOC #274-715

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