Robert Carradine

P.T.M. continued (pg. 16-20), by Robert Carradine

Page 16.
The look that was on Halfdeads face was in total shock he sat quiet the drive and listen to the sounds of lil Wayne “lights Out “.As they pulled into Moneys parking lot on Nathaniel road in the heart of the BRICKS. Money hopped out looked back at Half “get out “.As Half got out he had a gym bag in hand just like the one money had over his shoulder .As they headed up the stairs towards Moneys apartment that was on the third floor it was like Money stayed by his self because his father was always at work .Reaching the door Money turned the key as they entered the house smelled like stale cigarette smoke and weed. Money went for the refrigerator as he opened the ” want some koolaid or a bottle water? As he looked for a snack Half answered” let me get a glass of koolaid ,who made it you or your pops ? because if your dad made it then I’m going to need some sugar” .Money started laughing ” Naw bleed I made it’s sweet as hell ” he gave Half a glass as he headed for his room as they entered you would have thought you in a different house Money room had all types of shit going on big ass bed, two T.V’s ,with a raw sound system plus with a desk with matching chair.

Page 17.
As they dumped the contents of both bags on the bed they looked at each other with slight smiles as Money begun to speak” roll up I’m trying to smoke” quoting a line from one of his favorite movie BELLY .In front of him was eleven pounds of weed and a lot of cash.Money tossed a bag of the bud to Half as he begain counting the paper.Halfdead was breaking down some bud to fill the Swisher while thinking about what he could do with his share he had a lot to do with the baby on the way in lest then a month.After the blunt was rolled Half lit it and pulled on it to make sure it was lit all the way the first puff had gagged him letting out a violent cough that made tears come to his eyes. When Money was looking at him with eyes wondering if he was cool .”Boy that must be some good bud I haven’t heard you cough like that since we first started smoking pass that shit ” as Half passed the blunt he asked “how much is that?” Money took his first puff and held it in holding it until he couldn’t no more when blew the smoke out he blew his nose too as he cough up his lungs eyes watering he went to the bathroom and got some tissue to Clean his nose. As he came back into the room his eyes was red off them few hits “man that’s some good shit bleed ,now what was you saying before I almost died ?”

Page 18.
“How much is that? ” Half asked again ” that’s twenty grand and I still got all that to count ” pointing to the rest of the cash on the bed”we got a nice little come up in front of us let me get back to counting this paper so we can have some fun ” .Half took more hits from the blunt then passed it .” Man its Friday night what we about do hit up the Roller Drome or we to the Kinsman Party Center ?” .Money looked up like he wanted to smack Half in the face ” bleed the last time I went to either one of them spots it was with you since you been into the books and trying to be a family man I have been going to the Flats more hitting up grown up spots you fill me its a spot called The Bottom Line man that bitch be shaking and one of the homies work the door so we in there tonight?” .Half was not even dressed to be going to no ones club .”Man I don’t really feel like going out nowhere man I’m going to take my cash and head home ” ,” man fuck that bruh you coming out with me I’m not taking no for a answer look you can get out that dress code shit go get that ass in the shower and pick out a fit out of my closet man I know that we wear the same size jeans and shirts so you go for what you know” as he passed Money the blunt he was finished counting the cash ” forty five grand we split everything down the middle that’s twenty two thousand five hundred dollars apiece

plus five and a half pounds of bud but since this your first lic I’m going to give you six and take five since you got the baby on the way but I get the bigger split the next time” Tossing Half the gym bag to put his shit in ” I’m about to get ready to get in the shower pick out something to wear ” .As Money walked out headed for the shower Half walked to closet to pick out something to wear it was shit that haven’t even been worn with the price tags still on them he had all the designers from Ackademic ,Rocawear ,ECKO ,Tommy Hilfiger, Polo it was a lot to chose from so Half reached for a red and white rocawear shirt and pair of rocawear jeans as he waited for Money to come out the bathroom.When Money entered the room he looked at what Half had picked out “yeah now get in the shower bleed we don’t have all day ” Half headed for the shower with the clothes over his shoulder. As the water hit his skin he became refreshed he let the shit from earlier that day wash down the drain never to spoken of again.

Page 20.
As Half came out the bathroom dressed ready to hit the club Money was rolling another blunt .When he seen Half come into the room” now you ready to enjoy a night in the flats ” as he walked over to dap him up and passed him the keys” you can drive my shit tonight just don’t wreck my shit so be cool” .As they walked out the door Half picked up his bag and put his school uniform inside with the cash and bud ,putting the bag on his shoulder and Headed for the car.Half got right in fixed the seat so he can reach the paddles checked the rearview mirror to make sure he can see out of it.As Half pulled out the parking lot Money sparked up the blunt and changed the CD to Camron ” Come Home with Me” as they listened to the music Money lowered the volume so Half could hear him ” when we get to the spot man don’t separate for me because we have to watch each others back shit can go from cool to chaos in seconds,


Robert Carradine
DOC #660598

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