Robert Carradine

P.T.M continued (pg 11-15), by Robert Carradine

Page 11.
Half looked at Money out the corner of his eye and said” I don’t know why you be acting like Money is such a horrible person we have been through a lot of shit together there is no way I can ever end my friendship with him baby y’all just going to have to get alone”.But the look that she gave Money said it all that she would never accept him as anyone that I should be around.”Baby I’m about to get up out of here its Friday I’m starting my weekend early I love you and will call you later ” and laid a kiss on her and made his way to the exit with Money following behind him.As they made there way outside Money turns and says”I like the way you handled that situation with your women you didn’t have to raise your voice and you had my back for sure I respect that” Half said” shorty has my best interest in mind”.As they walked through the parking lot Half asked ” where we to ?” ” crosstown” Money replied.” bleed I’m not going crosstown on the bus that shit is dead” .Money bust out laughing and pointed to the parking lot .

page 12.
” My car is parked over there” Money replied. As Half turned his head a d followed to where Money was headed as they got close to a car that his eyes locked on it was a lime green 2000 Monte Carlo on 22 inch chrome rims Half was lost for words ” so this is yours and its not stolen?” he asked Money. As Money hit the alarm and popped the locks ” does that answer your question if not I have the tittle and the plates are in my name that means it’s my shit” .Half reached for the the door handle and notice the inside it was all wood grain and leather seats .As they got the car in gear the four 12 inch competition JBL subwoofers ,8 six by nines with a JVC CD Player roared and rambled the frame of the car but you can hear the words clear .The sounds of Project Pat” ski mask” played. Halfdead pulled out the mild and lit it as Money made his way through the city headed UP THE WAY.

Page13. Chapter 3 The Lick
They pulled on 118 the and Buckeye and went to the end by Forest and parked.The house they was sitting on was five does down from where they was parked with people coming and going non stop .As they sat there they watched all the activities going on the street most of the time they sat quiet. When Money broke the silence” are you ready to get paid ” Half looked as if he didn’t know what to say but he answered” what I got to do ?” .”What you have to do is be willing to go up in here and take what you want, so this is how its going to go there is only two people in there one always playing the game the other be straight ahead at a table where he can see everything coming in you have to be ready to bust or get bust you feel me” .Halfdead just nodded then asked ” how are we going to do this when I don’t even have a gun ?” .Money reached I the glove compartment and pulled a black .380 and passed it to Half .” Is it anymore problems or are we ready to go up in here ” that’s when Half said”let’s roll”.As they got to the stairs there was no turning back stepping up to the door Money pointed to Halfdead to kick the door in.Half nodded to confirm that his knew what to do .

Page 14.
He counted on his fingers with gun drawn as he began to raise his foot to kick the open the door came ajar so Half used his shoulder to force the door open. The guy on the other side was caught off guard falling flat on the floor on his ass they rushed in with guns on both of the guys they was surprise. The guy sitting at the table had a scale in front of him and six zip lock bags of white powder. Half had his gun on the guy that he knocked down .Money walked over to the table and said ” bag that shit or get shit bagged ,and don’t try to play any games I won’t hesitant to send you to a early grave don’t make this your last day” .The guy as if he wanted to try him but started to put everything that was on the table in a plastic bag .After all the contents on the table was in the bag Money asked ” know where the paper at ?” .The room was quiet Money smacked the guy in the mouth with the butt of his gun” now where is the cash?” the guy yelled” its in the back ,its in the back just stop hitting me ” .Money made the guy lead him to the back to get the cash .Out of sight Half didn’t know what was taking so long in the back room .AsHalf was glancing around still with his gun trianed on the guy on the floor he noticed a gym bag .” What’s in that bag fool ?” the looked as if he didn’t see the bag that was within arm reach of him .The guy said” I don’t know” so Half said ” so you don’t know, toss it o er here Mr.I don’t know”. As he picked the bag up and tossed it at Half’s feet he did his best not to make Half have to shoot him. Half put the strap over his shoulder and glanced at the clock on the wall five minutes had pass .

Page 15 .
“Let’s roll boy “Half shouted that’s when shoots rang out ” boom boom” .Money came running out the backroom” let’s go bleed ” as Half turned to exit the guy on the floor reached for his gun that’s when ” boom” Halfdead turned around the guy had the size of a quarter between his eyes the body fell flat.Running out Money hit the remote start and popped the locks as they made it to the car it was like the car was already moving. As they bent a few corners the first thing that pop’s into Halfdead head was” what the fuck bruh I thought we was robbing the mother fuckers? not killing them” .Money glanced over ” you worried about that fool he had a gun ready to put you down so I had to ” .Half just looked and asked” what about the other guy did you kill him too?” .Money pulled onto a side street came to a stop and turned to face Halfdead” If you ask another dum ass question you will be joining them,relax we just hit a nice lick you can get a car and retire that bus pass and dress like you got bread”,

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Robert Carradine
DOC #660598

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