Maurice Williams

KNOWING WHO YOU ARE (Part 1), by Maurice Williams

The Discovery of Self
Learning the importance of discovering who you are is a relevant factor to success. The content of this is aimed at helping people to become better in everyday life by coming to an understanding of who they are.

We are more than what we see ourselves as of now. Our circumstances often blur our vision and in return we miss out on life lessons; consequently, keeping us repeating the same cycle. Why is it so easy for people to see the shortcomings of others and not their own shortcomings. Yet recognizing our own shortcomings is not truly where the problem lies, but more so understanding how to break away form the thoughts and actions that continually hinder growth and prosperity. Some people have so much knwledge to give and yet they do not know how to apply it to their own lives, which can be confusing on so many levels. Life can make peple feel real insignificant. It can induce a state of unproductivity, but it can also influence and motivate people to find purpose. Everybody wants to be understood different from the general aspect others might percieve, characteried only by their mistakes which represent a small percentage of their true being. Such a judgmental world we live in, if peope dont have the strength to endure, they will drown in the misjudments of others. Nobody wants to admit how their influence can affect the morale of others unless it’s looked upon in a positive manner. Everyday people have the potential to bring life to their dreams and aspirations, but how often do they take advantage of those opportunities. People jst wat to b acknowledged the right way through all their mistakes and acheivements, and that begins with themselves and understanding the neessary steps to acquire that outcome. Looking at who they are now should give a person hope towards tomorrow. Saying tomorrow because a person can only live one day at a time.

Maurice Williams
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  1. “We are more than what we see ourselves as of now” – very true. Our potential is always greater than we know and, as you say, each day a little more of it can surface. May someone convey to you my best wishes …


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