Keith Mustin

It’s better to give rather than receive, by Keith Mustin

people in the world be focusing on what they need in life. most people be self-centered, greed, and selfish individuals such as myself who feels like evryone owes you in life. do we really want to feel that way always in life?
there is more to us in life than just thinking that we are powerful people who get what they need BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY. that means we might as well consider ourselves as gods which to me is a DEMORALIZING THOUGHT to have. it’s stupind thinking and we know ourselves better than that.
we all have to make a name for ourselves. we have to have a GENEROUS HEART at times and give to those who have nothing. even if we down to our last and is fortunate, do what is RIGHT. never let greed and selfishness consume tyour soul. i would never want something from anyone if i know that i can get it myself. it’s like we have something and STILL TAKING FOOD FROM SOMEONE ELSE’S PLATE.
one of our purposes should be to be there for others who have no one. that even meanse be there when they need something. but if they took it too far don’t let them mistake your kindness for weakness.
when you give, you get blessings. when you give it feels good in your heart and soul. when you give, it’s just one good deed added to your purpose. it makes you know that you are doing what is right to bring MORE HOPE to the world.
be grateful and be generous because when you pass do you want to leave a GREAT NAME FOR YOURSELF. God bless you and Happy Holidays.

Keith Mustin
DOC #505112

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