Ronell Stearns

Introduction Blog, by Ronell Stearns

hello name is Ronell ,I’m 28,been incarcerated since I was 17 got 3years left..this incarceration been nothing but a progression of elevation and better myself on all levels..I’m still growing as the days&nights passes by…I just spent my last 5years in lucasville on 23hour lockdown…since being incarcerated my whole perspective on life have change,my perspective on a lot of things have change…we are human and we make mistakes.we live,grow and learn from as best as we could…well I’m not go hold anybody long even doe I got a lot to share,I just want to share it with someone,real and geniune,a real friend if anyone want to vent and listen to my story or vice versus,need somebody to listen to you…you can contact me @ Ronell stearns #561-007 @….if u want to see me u can look me up on facebook @ Ronell Stearns…HAPPY HOLIDAYS…..sincerely

Ronell Stearns
DOC #561-007


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