Billy Seagraves

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Billy Seagraves 741817 I m doing 20 years start my time 10 5 2017 end 10 5 2037 Im work on better my self im a male im 6foot 3 inch i weight 260 pound i got one kide i dont look nothing like my intake picture i got short hair so u can look on face book or i send u a new picture of me

* * *

my name Billy seagraves 741 817 yo can seat up a j pay or po box 56 Lebanon ohio 45036 i for got to put a couple think last time so i am 32 years old born rased in springfield ohio i got one son Tony he turn 14 dec 8 i am a male i got weight last time guiess im 270 pound wrk on lose some that im 6 foot 3 inch got lock up 10 5 2017 get out 10 5 2037 im work on get my ged im in school and in a couple more program i took a wrong turn in my life one day and naver got back on the right track tell now im work on my life to get back on the right path for ware im come home im end this Billy Seagraves 741817 po box 56 Lebanon ohio 45036

Billy Seagraves
DOC #741-817


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