Eddie Bean

I’ll Find You Again, by Eddie Bean

You could be so used to something and you know every day you grow and every day u changing and I’ll never try to change on you but its just like I had to do it by myself for so long till u come back in my life it just don’t feel right like something missing and it feel like it just feel different so u gotta forgive me if I act strange wit you never change with you!!!!
Words by Kevin Gates, on his new song I’ll Find you agian on his new Cd Luca Brasi 3 . On some all the way real talk I’ve been threw situtations that the majority of society only sees in there dreams and nightmares, there really hasn’t been to many things that can creep underneath my skin or bother my conscience now a days, with age comes experience and knowledge, but 12 years of no companionship no commitment, no romance nothing real, nothing all the way genuine is beyond the words rough!!! I left the street with a Pregnant Fiance, (really a child myself), making irresponsible, impulsive decisions and all the while had an 18 year old beautiful young women clung to me totally head over heels in love with me wanting to start a family and life together with me!!! She was all the way in, all the way down for just me, she knew my situtation, knew I was trouble from the beginning, but gave me the chance to grow and learn each other threw time and deadication, you know true words spoke by a wize man “You don’t really know how much you miss someone until there gone” Not one day goes by I don’t kick myself in the ass for acting like such a child and so immature !!! It hurts even more now every day I look in the mirror and see how polished and grown I am now…….. its amazing how the worst situtations bring the best out of a person!!!! The worst situations show you what your true self is really made of and what your capable of accomplishing!!!! I at first in my early 20’s thought she was wrong but all the while I was the one who left her pregnant by herself, I was the one who thought that what was in the streets was more important then building our life together, I am a man and I take respon sibility for my actions, Renee I know you did the only thing you could do, the only thing most women would do with a husband or boyfriend that just received 16 years in prison, you moved on, you excelled, went to college and have done an incredible job raising our beautiful daughter Olivia!!!! You truley are the inspiration to me!!!! I hope and pray that you are doing well you will forever have my heart and my love, u gave me the greatest gift of all our daughter.

Eddie Bean
DOC #544-707


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