Robert Carradine

P.T.M – The Beginning, by Robert Carradine

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It was in the early evening of April 26,2014 Joel Latimore was tending to his store on Coit Road and Idarose to someone not from the area one would see joel’s store as all other stores but truth be told its been a major drug spot since the 80′ s without ever having problems from police .Joel was sitting behind the counter talking to some regular patrons handling business.

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That’s when a hooded man came in with a casual walk an went to the cooler .Not really paying attention to the man ,Joel went on talking about the final part of the move with no hesitation just handling business he went to reach for the bag when the hooded man came up an put a .357 to Joel’s temple and said ” you know what it is ” .Joel thinking quick on his feet reacted by hitting the male hand with such force that the gun hit the ground and slid to where the guy at the cooler stood, and a signal shot ranged out” boom” the bullet hit the man in the chest the man then fled the scene. Joel swung around and locked eyes with the guy by the cooler pointed the gun at him and order him to the ground. That’s when shit got real.Gotti stumbled to the get away car yelling” pull off pull off ” that’s when Shay put the Tahoe in drive. The first thing on Shay’s mind is where is Halfdead so she asked ” Gotti what the fuck happen to Halfdead?” it got too quite and for awhile she just waited for a answer out of no being sick of waiting Money yell’s ” where the fuck is Halfdead” with a fast response he yelled ” dead “.As they pulled into Money’s driveway the only thing on Money’s mind was what he was going to tell Half’s mother and what’s going to happen with his wife and kids after this .

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Almost forgetting that Gotti was shot in the back seat he looked in the rearview mirror to see that Gotti was trying to get out the car but fell to his knees that’s when Money and Shay rushed around the car to help him inside.Taking the stairs one at a time as they reached the top step Money called for his girl to come from out the back when she came from the backroom holding Money’s daughter Rain ” what’s all the yelling for ? someone better be dead because you just woke the baby fool” when she laid her eyes on Gotti he was bleeding from his chest she walked to put the Rain in the playpen ” what the fuck went wrong and where is Halfdead ?” she asked ” Money was the first to speak ” We got bigger things to handle what are we going to do about this nigga he needs a doctor but can’t take him to the hospital so what do we do ? they all just looked at each other waiting on someone to say something but no one said anything until Gotti said” you got to take me to the hospital or I’m going to die please drop me off close at least so I can get some help” Gotti begged ” boy if you go to the hospital they going to find out what happen and they going to take your ass to jail you know that right? Money told him ” I just want to live Money I want say shit I swear” Gotti was pleading.Shay was looking at Money like she didn’t like what she was hearing when she said”that’s not a good ideal Money he going to put us all in jail we can’t do this I don’t know what we going to do but they going to link us to the robbery and we still don’t know what happen to Halfdead this fool said that he’s dead but I only heard one shot now how is he hit and Halfdead suppose to be dead do you u
understand what I’m saying”

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The room went silent so Money broke out and said” we can’t let him die he has to get medical attention we take him to the E.R so he can get help we just have to trust him” .They loaded Gotti in the truck and headed straight to the hospital on Euclid as they drove Money had a feeling that Gotti was holding something back but he didn’t know what it was as they got closer to the hospital they started to slow down when Money spoke” Gotti we can’t drop you off at the door do you think you can make it to the entrance without help ?”
” I can make it nigga I’m going to be alright we going to be cool don’t worry I’m soild trust me ?” They shook hands and Gotti climbed out the truck and made his way to the entrance until he was out of sight.
Back at Joel store Halfdead was in a positions that he couldnt get out of .Halfdead was trapped with a gun pointed at his head when one the other guy yelled ” he was with that nigga Joel ” that’s when Half shot back saying ” I don’t know what the fuck is going on I’m not with nobody I came in here for a black& mild and a Arizona and all hell broke losse ” Joel didn’t response he picked up the phone and called the police he walked outside to see which way the other guy went that’s when Half seen his chance he got up and bolted for the door running towards where the getaway car was supposed to be but there was no car waiting. Half heard the sirens getting closer so he took cover behind the daycare to wait out the police. As he sat back there he pulled out his phone and a tried to call Money but got no answer so he just kept trying with no luck.When ten minutes had passed without getting a answer Half made his way out the back of the daycare and started walking towards East Cleveland up Coat Road as he turned the corner a police car drove down Woodworth passing him as he took the corner walking with a casual pace before he had a chance to run the cop car had popped the curve with his gun drawn and ordered Half to the ground.

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Money was headed towards where the robbery had took place. Pulling pass Money locked eyes with Half he was happy to see that Half wasn’t dead but he felt bad because that is his best friend also his right hand man.” Did y’all see Half in the backseat of the cop car he’s alive?” a lot of stress was lifted so Money was trying to find out how he was go to get him out .
At this point Money was in position he didn’t have a answer for his crew with one man down it was just him , Reggie and Shay.
As the the cop begin to search Halfdead he fond the a gun in his possession it was a loaded .45 Taurus with a lemon squeeze trigger with seventeen rounds. The only reason I stopped you was because I got a call of two male’s running shooting at each other. The officer read Half his Miranda rights and put him in the backseat of the cop car .That’s when another call came over the radio giving a description that fit Half for a robbery that happen not to far from where he was picked up.The officer glanced in the rearview mirror and headed towards the directions the operator gave.

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As they pulled to the scene it was now crowded on that corner you couldn’t even see the sidewalk the store owner came out the police asked” is this the guy who tried to Robb you? ” Joel walked all the way to the window and said ” he was in here when it happen but it’s not him ,he’s not the one who had the gun you can let him go he didn’t do anything” the officer asked ” are you sure he had a loaded gun on him? ” Joel thought about it a while ” he had nothing to do with anything” .The officer got back in the car “this must be your lucky day no robbery all you got is the gun which is a CCW are you on probation or PRC ? ” Half just sat in the backseat quiet with his head down can’t believe that he on his way back to prison he was thing of how he ended up on this path.

Page 7 Chapter 2. The Early Years 2001
It was senior year for Half and Money the year that changed lives forever. Half was looking forward to graduating and being the first one of his mother kid’s to finish school. Halfdead is book smart and very athletic he wrestled and ran track for the school.On the first day of school Halfdead had high hopes of what’s possible. In his first class always hated standing in front of the class introducing himself to people that he been knowing since grade school. Half was thinking of everything him and Money did over the summer all the fights they got into with the Lakeshore boyz plus the females they chased after all summer long.That’s when Mr.Sanders broke his day dream ” Mr .Burns its your turn what did you do over your summer vacation and what future plans do you have ?” as Half stood and walked to the front of the class the only thing that was on his mind was his mom face when she see him graduate.

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“Well my name is Ha” stopping to catch his self” my name is Robert Burns I didn’t do much over the summer just tried not to go to jail or die so that was pretty much my summer I hung out with friends didn’t do any traveling I stayed in the ward 10 toes down, but as for the future I got a kid on the way I just hope I can be the the best father I can be and be there because I didn’t have a father growing up but my mother got me this far that’s all ” the teacher asked” have you thought about college or getting a job to provide for them ” Half eyes was on the floor” yeah I thought about college but they don’t let people like me in the good schools all the ones I applied for rejected me without giving me a reason” it was quiet for a little bit” if you give up now then you are helpless and worthless” the kids the class the started laughing at the fact that he called Half worthless. Half went back to his seat with the mind to smack the shit out of Mr.Sanders he was out his hook up now the only thing that can bring him back com is to smoke a blunt and he had one rolled already he was just waiting for the bell to ring .

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The bell sounded Half was the first out the room he went right to the bathroom walked in a stall and lit the blunt as he took the first pull the smoke took all the stress off his mind the the door to the bathroom opened someone was coming to the stall where he was at ” let me hit that shit boy ?” Half knew the voice it was Money .” where you just come from ? ” Half asked ” just walked in the building and seen you make a b line right in here so I knew what was going on ” Half passed Money the blunt as he pulled out a black & mild and started freaking it ,as they passed the blunt back in forth Money asked” what type of shit you into? you want to getting paid or you going to stay on the sideline and watch other niggas get paid? Half answered by saying” I sell weed and that’s my lane I don’t need to be out in niggas way get my few dollars and get out the way” Money replies” nigga its your last yearof school, you got a kid on the way

page 10.
you have no real paper saved and you don’t even have a whip you still ride around in hotties like that’s cool it’s time to man the fuck up and get paid” Money pull out a large knot of cash” you can get paid like this there is no limit to what you can get” Half looked and asked” how can I get a roll like that?” that’s when Money pulled a gun out his waist line it was a black and chrome glock 9 .”The Jack game its very easy you just have to be aggressive and be able to listen” as the blunt was to the point where neither one of them could get a hit off it .Money asked ” Man we out this bitch let’s ditch?” Half had a look on his face I knew that Money wanted him to join him ” we out lets get something to eat ?” .As they headed down the hallway Half’s babymamma Natasha was coming there way with a look of disapproval” Robert where you headed to ?she asked .Natasha was 5 foot 11 ,Carmel skin with green eyes about 165 on regular but at this point she is a little heavier then normal because of the pregnancy.” On my way to the house I don’t feel to good ” she looked at Money then back to Half ” why you with this fool?”

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Robert Carradine
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