Daryl Rue

Introduction Blog, by Daryl Rue

Hi, my name is Daryl Rue and I am 31 years old…. I have been incarcerated sine June 2014 and my expected release date is 2034 but I have a chance to get out early anytime after 2024 for a judicial release. I reside at Richland correctional institution in Mansfield, Ohio 44901 my inmate number is 662-998. I am currently locked up for involuntary manslaughter and agg. burglary but I am not the killer. I have 3 codefendants who are all serving sentences of 8 years, 8 years, and 18 to life. I am an honest man who is trying to change my life and make the best of this current situation I am in. I accept responsibility for my actions and I will learn from my mistakes. I am not the one to say that the system is corrupt or anything of that nature because the only way I have to deal with the system is by me making mistakes and living a life that I shouldn’t have been living. I have an 11 year old son that I hope never stop loving me and give me a chance to make up for all this time I missed out on when I come home. I am new to blogging so I hope this goes well. I write poetry, rap, and my feelings in general so everything you will read from me will be personal and real. so I hope ya’ll enjoy.

Daryl Rue
DOC #662-998

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