Matthew Wiseman

What is Life, by Matthew Wiseman

What is life? From a general point of view people think that life is like a jig saw puzzle to be figured out and put together. But suppose there is something else out there, a supreme being if you will, that is willing to guide one on their journey. Consider the great “moral” teachers from long ago. Did they not all teach love, compassion, the giving of alms, forgiveness and the like? Did they not all inspire one to live life differently then the world around them. Last month the Times magazine listed its “30 most influential people” list. But no where was Jesus Christ listed. As someone who was transformed their life by the power of Christ’s teaching this is disturbing. It is disturbing because my world view of what is life is wrapped up in secular exclusiveness. To me life is not a jig saw puzzle to be figured out. Life is more like a maze. But to be more specific a maze especially tailored with special attention given to me. God goes before me to lead me through this maze when I’m obedient to His calling and leading in my life. But because of free will and choices God allows me to choose rather or not to follow. When I feel like hangin a left or a right off of the path He has set for me he stays where He is. God allows me to find the dead end at the end of the path that I might turn back towards Him. And as I turn back to Him, He waits for me on the original path so He can lead me through to the end. Life is about changes. The one who refuses to change is one who will be left behind. I have been walking this way of life for 6 years now. It is not an easy life but it is definitely a rewarding life. Some people say that people are prone to get jail house religion. And I agree. there are some that hide behind the church, that hide behind Buddha and Mohammed. There are those that use these outlets to get ahead, to get power and status. But there are those who truly love the Lord, those who truly follow the teachings of Mohammed,all praise to Allah and those who follow other great paths to better themselves. It is of this track that my blogs will be shaped around. My blog will be the struggles and points of view of a pilgrim travelling through this drug and gang fueled culture while trying to walk according to a higher purpose. So in closing I just want to ask you what is life? What is the purpose of your existence? What is your greater calling? Until next time God Bless

Matthew Wiseman
DOC #649-033


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