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Hello my name is Robert Carradine a.k.a Ace by family and friends I’m 34 years old black male from Cleveland, Ohio 5 foot 6 inches ,160 lbs, brown eyes,dreadlocks. I was locked up April 26,2014my outdated is April 26,2021. I’m a very open minded person like all different types of music from rap to country I also enjoy cooking . I am a god fearing man and I come from a Christian family and grew up in the Church not saying that I’m a saint which Im far from I’m on a journey to become a better person so as a man I can come home and lead my family on the right path.I’m strong minded and look forward to sharing the my experience inside these walls with all that are willing to embark on this journey from the thoughts of a convicted soul of a man.

Robert Carradine #660598
Maci 788
Mansfield, Ohio 44901

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  1. Acceptance is vital to self approval. Leaving behind the past is the first step to better times. A person’s life is lived in the present and as time of linear we all make our progress b Ty what is achieved right now. Do good for others as you discover their need and good will come to you. Bless each moment and by joyous in being here. Chris T. From England.


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