Nathan Gray

Introduction Blog, by Nathan Gray

My name is Nathan Gray my age is 49 and my out date is 2028 I am a writter myself i’ve wrote a couple of fiction books while incarcerated and i’m a facilitator here at the institution.
I am also an a peson that like to
think that I can accomplish anything yhat I put my mind to as well as anyone else and that is
what I encourage others to do while i’m confined. I would like to let people know that
everything happens for a reason and the mistake are meant to be made but the D.N.A
of mistakes are for you to learn from them to better oneself and transition to be better at anything and everyhting that you do.

I tell people all the time that when you are hedding in the wrong direction god will make a way to put you back on path and sometimes it might mean being close to death or losing someone you love or being incarcerated to allow you see just how blessed you really are and that god has plans for you
and that you have a second chance and it’s time for us all to take advantage of it and start
making a positive inpact in your life as well as others. This is just some of the thought that I would like others to take into cosideration not for me but for themselves.

Thank You for your time
and your listening ear.

Nathan Gray #709-817
Po Box 1812
Marion, Ohio

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