Walter West

From Prisoner to Editor, by Walter West

Unbelievable! I just finished adding graphics to an article that highlights the success of students in Raymond Laborde Correction Center’s (RLCC) education program. It is great to be able to showcase the positive accomplishment of other prisoners who are trying to do something constructive with their lives.
Yesterday, I took photos of the Annual Sports banquet, so I will have to process those photos and write the article. This will be on my must-do agenda next week.
RLCC publishes a bi-monthly newsletter called the Cajun Press. Usually the magazine has around 40 pages front and back. Right now I am working on the Nov/Dec issue.
Before coming to RLCC, i had spent the last 18 years at Louisiana State Penitentiary aka Angola. I’ve received numerous certifiates as well as completed multiple classes. Yet, nothing can compare to the feeling of being treated as a human being, rather than a number.
I was 16 years old when I got locked up. The year was 1998. I was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and honestly, there was a time during my incarceration that I felt like I would never go home.
Now, my journey from being in prison to visiting prisons to help with reentry programming will be starting soon. The laws concerning juveniles have been progressively changing during the last eight years, and have also been the subject of many debates.
It took me years to change. However, that change has come and I can see many many better years ahead in my life.
Follow me and I will take you from the fields of Louisiana State Penitentiary picking okra in 100 plus degree weather, to being placed in charge of the Angola’s cellblock litigation team, and even through some of my darkest times being a prisoner.
I will post my blog every week. Hope you enjoy.
Feel free to email me thru
Walter West # 426915
or thru snail mail at:

Walter West #426915
Raymond Laborde Correctional Center
Hope B-1, 1630 Prison Road
Cottonport, La 71327


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