James Kelly

The Poem About My Life That I Didn’t Write, I Lived By: James Kelly (aka: Difference)

The time that I wasted is my biggest regret,
spent in these places I will never forget.
Just sitting and thinking about the things that I’ve done.
The the crying, the laughing, the hurt and the fun.

Now its just me and my hard driven guilt
Behind a wall of emptiness I allowed to be built
I’m trapped in my body just wanting to run
Back to my youth with its laughter and fun

But the chase is over and theres no place to hide
Everything is gone including my pride
With reality suddenly right in my face
I’m scared, alone and stuck in this place

Now memories of the past flash through my head
and the pain is obvious by the tears that I shed
I ask myself why and where I went wrong
I guess I was weak, when I should of been strong

Living for the drugs and the wings I had grown
My feelings were lost, afraid to be shown
As I look at my past its easy to see
The fear that I had, afraid to be me

I’d pretend to be sly, so fast, and so cool
When actually lost, like a blind old fool
I’m getting too old for the this tiresome game
Of acting real hard, with no sense of shame

Its time that I change and get on with my life
Fulfilling my dreams for a family and wife
What my will hold I really don’t know
But the years that I’ve wasted are starting to show

I just live for the day when I get a new start
and the dreams I still hold deep in my heart
I hope I can make it I at least have to try
Cruz I’m headed for death, and I don’t want to die
-Author (Unknown)
I don’t feel the need to elaborate. This was taken from my heart and mind. I feel it was written for me to find

James Kelly
DOC #59979

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