My Blue Eyed Angels, by Joshua E. Barron

I miss My Blue Eyed Angels.
Their eyes, the color of exotic pools of water. Their hair the color of golden wheat ready for the harvest.
Payton, Clairise and Hailey…
One day you will wonder… You will have a need, a want to find out who your Daddy IS. Why mommy ripped you from my loving arms.
I will be waiting.
Just as I have been waiting for the day to hold you in my arms again. The last time I saw you girls, you all had tear filled eyes as we said goodbye. You won’t remember, but my eyes also welled with love and pain.
Everyday I think of you. Remembering every smile, giggle, cry, hug, kiss, birthday… you name it.
This was supposed to be a poem of sorts. It has become a written prayer that is felt everyday. I pray you girls are safe, happy and well taken care of. I pray you remember me, your. brother, Grandma… When Daddy is able to come home, you will be young ladies. I will have missed so many things, I just hope we are able to make many many more memories you can recall after my time comes to an end. I love you ,
My blue eyed angels.

Love Daddy

Joshua E. Barron
DOC #745261

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