Love Commandments, by Sean Brown

Nothing’s unforgivable if We’re willing to let go,
It’s only the need to hold on to what no longer exists that keeps Us in holes!
1)Love is unconditional, It doesn’t demand anything in return!
2)Do not envy!
3)It’s never about what others can do for You, but rather what You can do for others!
4)Be Patient & Merciful, holding no grudges b/c Forgiveness is a virtue!
5)Always Respect the views & opinions of others, whether You agree with Them or not!
6)Don’t offend others, but if You do, make a speedy reparation!
7)Empathize with the pain & suffering of others, never pitying anyone; & Celebrate the Joys & Successes of others!
8)Never betray another’s Trust!
9)LISTEN & pay Attention!
10)Never look down on others as if You’re better than Them {aka See the GOD in everyone}!

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630

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