Preface from my book “You Rise To Fall” by Nishawn Critney

If I was to say “We (humans) are all Gods” how would you grasp that concept? Now, before I go any farther on that topic I must say that even though I do not follow or worship any religion those who do I have the upmost respect for. I love the dedication and love they have for their personal beliefs. But as for myself I like to look at the larger picture, and I just have to many questions I feel religions can’t answer. I’m not going to go to deep into dispoving religions that’s not what i wrote this book for, but i would like for you to think about that question for a bit.
Now let’s get some understanding. What I mean by this question is we have the ultimate power\control in the world we live in. Anything we put our minds we can make possible, think about it from the beginning of time we were curious about flying now we have planes and jets faster than the speed of sound, we needed better ways to comunicate world wide so we created the telephone and internet. Those are just small examples ofthe capabilities we have but just think if we could come together as a whole and educate ourselves and the younger generation on the things that are truly important we may have a better impact on the future of the world we live in. Think about where we’ll be in yhe next 20 years. Look how far the world has come sense the Civil Rights Movement, Apartide in Africa, currupt dictatorships the list goes on and on but it needs to go further. But I can say “People are Waking UP.”
People are sick and tired of living in a world where we are oppressed and te majority are turning a blind eye to it or simply just don’t care and say “Life is tough.” true statement but does life really have to be tough to the point where we kill for water when others use\abuse it like its nothing, or kids die of starvation and others are so obese they can’t leave there bed and we broadcast it on television. (Dam that shit crazy just thinking about it). But my point is why instead of saying “Get it how you live” we can just help our fellow man\woman gain the tool and education to live a better life instead of throwing them to the wolves. Lets give thm a shoulder to lean on, let’s try to understand there situation and help them overcome it. At the same time I must face reality, there are those who just don’t care and who we just can’t help. What do we do with these people? Anyone, Someone, just give us some better options….
There is also a great responsiblity when you have that much power. We have the power to create but once we create we also have to keep building, its not always the best option to just sit back and wait for the outcome. There’s always work that needs to be done. Look at some of the wars this country(U.S.A) has fought in and aide it gave to other countries an see the outcome once we pulled out and came home. Total Madness!! Thank about a parent who is raising a child in a dangerous environment but has to work most of the dy to provide for him\her and doesn’t pay enough attention to him\her. Now think of the outcome. Total Destruction!!
All our lives we’ve been told we can grow up to be whatever we want, we have so much potental, we have a bright future. But words can only do so much, we must take action to achieve our goals and reach our highest potental we can’t just sit around an wait for a hand out. Yes there will be road blocks, but we must find another route to reach or destination. I love to say “The struggle produces strenght and heightens charater” which means during hard times you must grow strong to overcome them and with that strenght it will make you the person who you truly are. A great man once said “For every action there’s and equal and opposite reaction.” But with no action how can there be an reaction??
If we are not the Gods of this planet than what are wetoys, games, or a tlevision show for the man up stairs?? I hope not I like to think of myself as more. Do I have all the answers to the universe?? No, I just have a opinion just like everyone else, but unlike most people I would like to hear your opinion on my own..

Nishawn Critney
DOC #725706


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