Jeward Miller

NOSCE TE IPSUM (know thyself), by Jeward Miller

Our minds are incomparable to basic, its more like astrophysics. Unduplicated from the mentality of our society. Its the only reason i see why we’re hated. facing judgment by your own definition of a patriot. truly, the only reason we did what we done, is to make it. Who’s to say this is the life i chose, when the life i was given was already taken. taxidermy! Just a misunderstood face on the wall. Only my skin tone gives you clarity to break me down, on the the other had its a cliche’, bacause i give loyalty to the tone of pigments in my skin that helps build me up. Frankly, just out of curiosity for a lack of better words, call me PREJUDICE because racist would be a verbal miscommunication!!!

Jeward Miller
DOC #584851


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