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Introduction Blog, by John Caudill

my name is john allen caudill and I am 29 years of age,born January, 28th,1989.In the great city of Columbus Ohio where I have lived my whole life thus far.I am currently serving a fifteen year sentence for multiple charges from aggravated robbery to gun specifications,I have been incarcerated since the date of July 27th 2010 and am eligible for an early release in the year 2022,although my true release date is Nov 13th,2024. needless to say that its all downhill from here and I plan to make the best out of everyday because like Prem Rawat says “being alive is success” meaning how important we really are. to describe myself briefly I would say that I’m focused, determined and committed to everything that I do. my true passions are dog training and figuring out how to help those less fortunate in poverty stricken areas which is what I truly plan to spend the rest of my life doing and what I plan to blog about here on Suzies page ,which I feel is the Universe allowing me to reach other like minded individuals and keep my mind on this yellow brick road of visual and intuitive thought and undoubtedly one day manifest these words into reality.
until next time I will close with the hopes that everyone has reached their full potential today and will again tomorrow.
I would like to give a special thanks to Suzie for allowing me and others incarcerated to share our worlds within.
Greatful,John A Caudill.
my contact information is john Allen Caudill (A647500) Warren Correctional Institution, 120 Lebanon Ohio 45036 and can be reached on

John Caudill
DOC #A647500

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