Rondell Delaney

Introduction Blog, by Rondell Delaney

How yall doing to whom ever is looking at this. My name is Rondell Delaney im 6’1 and black as hell, but i make it good for us black men becouse i’m hot .im 26 year old i have no children, i’m looking for a friend to pass some of my time. i am from New Orleans im out the ninth ward community .I’m all about family what really counts,being that i am very family oriented man. which that alone should give you input about me as an individual,right? surely as any other i too have an few imperfections about myself,but man was not perfected without any faults to this very day,huh? i consider myself to be an peoples person thats very out spoken & love to hear others views about all types of subjects.i have an passion for kids,being they are the future in which i believe one should place alot of time into as to lead them in the right direction &/or paths within life,understand? i strongly believe with god as well as all the biblical stories that the bible teaches,so with that said,know that i am an god fearing man whom stands on an solid foudation with an direction to succeed with life against all the strife that one may encounter throughout his life i wonderingly ponder upon the very fact is there any one out there whom has an enough compassion within them as to give an listening ear to me as i feel i have an lot to share with the world or whomever will reach out to this message that i present via this blogg that you’re reading currently.

Rondell Delaney
DOC #00591931


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