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my name is Dontefranklin#597-946
I am currently incarcerated at warren correctional institution,I am 27 I’ve been incarcerated since I was a kid,seventeen tobe exact.I have grown so much since those early years sometime I cannot believe it myself.I got incarcerated august13th 2008 and my parole date is 2031 which would be 23 years,but to give you a little bit of info about myself my grandmother raised me or us i should say my mother had six children at a young age so its pretty safe to say that she loved the streets more than father was in the streets as well he came around not as often but he was in my life to the point I didnt feel all that akward when I was around him but you get the point. I never held any ill will towards my parents because I thought it was normal and when I got older and realized thats not normal well by then it was too late so I just repeated the cycle that I thought was normal which is fuck workin ima grab me a pack and hit the streets hard…. well look how that turned out in prison having to for one become a man around a bunch of savages and hope that I donot succumb to the hell that I am living,two make sure while I’m in here to make the necessary steps to stay out when I get out,and three stay sane.well thats a lil bit of history about me.if anyone wants to contact me they can just add me on the jpay list.thanks again for the opportunity.

DOC #597-946

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