Jarmane King



Can you imagine or fathom a world with fantastic balance

A world with every ethnicity moving in tandom

Where people from every facet of life frolic as friends in such an orderly fashion

A world where noone cares about race gender or class but they do care about your well being

So they ask you things like how was your day or have you eaten

Or how are your children or I’m here to help as long as you need it

Because your success see your success means we’ve succeeded

Imagine a world with no intruding or impeding

Where it’s first nature to help the needy and absolutely noone obliges the greedy

A world where theres no biasness towards religious preference

Where marriages parallel perfection and parenting has been perfected

Where your personal perspectives are respected because there your personal perception

A world where negativity is rejected and positive prosperity is projected just in take that for a second

Imagine a world poverty doesn’t permiate the air like foul perspiration leaving a nation stressing

A world where your not judge by material possesions but by good character that’s reflected

And you gain merit by how you spread your blessings with your breatheren

They say it’s better to give than recieve have you recieved that message

DOC #750-466

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  1. The World You “speak” of Does exist, We don’t “want” to “see”it. It is right “there” in front of each and every ONE of us. “It” is a World filled with LOVE. LOVE “dwells” in Us All. GOD is Love and Love is GOD (1 John 4:8)
    Love is The “Corner stone” of our existence, We are Creations of Love, Love is Who we are. We have all “forgotten” what God has done for Us. His Son Jesus Christ died for Our “sins”, So We can have Eternal Life. God Gave Us Life SELFLESSLY. Love is Selfless,”wanting” the best for the “other” person and expecting Nothing in return. LOVE “shows us Our TRUTH
    When We Unite in God and Become ONE, a World of “sin” no longer exists. Where there is LOVE there is Only LOVE. 1 John 4:8
    Thank You for shining Your Light, have a beautiful Journey


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