Alvatina Flucker

Who Am I ? by Alvatina Flucker

I have asked this question so-o-o-o many times……..”WHO AM I” ?
The natural response is that I am a mother to Jamie, Marcellia, Ke-Ke and Brittany the Grandmother of Jay-Jay Sister of Wanda, Vette, Trina, Tameka and Lil’ Freddie Auntie to Kyristian, Tiffany, Persephanie, Debra Tricia, Lil’ Jeff, Damonte, Shelton, Jason Great-Aunt to Aden, Max, Zay-Zay and Mar-Mar Daughter of June and Freddie Step-Daughter of Sharon, Dorothy and Andrew…… family tree.
However, that is NOT who I am the truth is although I love my family dearly, they know almost nothing about me and I know very little about them to say who I am from a family’s perspective.
Reality is that I am currently #507101- Inmate Flucker – Convicted felon. Incarcerated the last 28 years for capital offenses that I was sentenced to Life imprisonment with 25 years minimum mandatory before eligibility of parole.
First Parole interview resulting in a 2075 PPRD date……beyond any life expectancy.
I’ve been serving this sentence since the age of 22, actually growing up in prison. It would seem as if I were already an adult, being that I was over the age of 18 and having birthed 4 children, and employed from time to time……so far from the truth! I’ve learned about who I am and what life was intended to be from the surrogate families developed on the inside.
Being an adult and being mature are two totally different things, but we can discuss that at a later time-if you desire to, but for now let’s stick with ‘who I am’.
I have discovered that I am a VERY sensitive and emotional person with deep regrets to the choices that I personally made that led me to this current predicament. Hating to see injustice and abuse. Detesting a bully and feeling a need to be obligated to speak for those who cannot speak for or defend themselves.
Most people tell me to choose my battles wisely ….I agree. However, I still have to choose to fight. I believe now, wholeheartedly- that a closed mouth won’t get fed!
I have a strong desire to see people equipped for success….if they don’t succeed, it should not be because they were not equipped, but because they did not apply what they were equipped with.
I have a heart and desire for the State volunteers that come in to equip the ladies with tools to be successful and feel much heartbreak when the volunteers are mistreated and disrespected by the very ones who swore an oath to protect and serve. Who swore an oath for CARE, CUSTODY AND CONTROL for every single person who enters or exits a State or Federal Correctional facility. I do NOT like abuse of power, nor retaliation from exercising the right to report the blatant abuse of power.
I have a huge weak spot for the young girls who have been thrust into an adult world by no choice of their own and forced to be something that they have no idea of how they got there, nor how to get out. Most times not even realizing that their IS another way to life! Believing that “YOU” have the problem because you think that “THEY” have a problem… about crazy!!
I have a huge soft spot in my heart for the young girls who have not had “THE” talk……… know!! The coming into maturity talk? The birds and the bees talk…….the first menastration talk? You’d be surprised the many young ladies that think that they’re hot………they truly are not!!!!! They have the slightest idea of how to properly maintain their personal hygiene or personal grooming…’s sad.
I also have a heart to see these young ladies taught how to have morals, standards and integrity…… not just falling for any ole’ thing.
It is a tough journey, but a doable task……….Well, that is who I am!!!!
If you’d like to know more about me or any insight on how to make these desires a reality I am at:

Alvatina Flucker #507101
Lowell Correctional Institution/Annex
11120 N.W. Gainesville Road
Ocala, Florida 34482


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