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“Prison Based Gerrymandering in Lansing/Levenworth Kansas, a follow up to last post” by Paul Stotts

In a previous post, I realise that some of the numbers I presented may have not been easily understood. For this reason, I want to specify a few things. With the limited time I have to type these out, sometimes I miss an important point. I try to proof read, but again the way things work in prison, its not always an easy thing to get done in the time allowed. For that I apoliogise to anyone who may have been a bit confused about my last post.
The figures I used for the inmate prison populations and their district locations were before the 2010 cycle for redistricting. The reason this was such a big issue in Kansas at that time was because the House plan was to move the United States Federal prison at Levenworth and Camp Levenworth, at that time located in district 41, into district 40. This would have put all the prisons in this area into district 40.
When I looked at the total number of 5,622 inmates in one district, I was coming up with the offset figure as if this is how things played out. The House had proposed this as the way they wanted their lines draws, but I am not sure if it actually got passed. I used the figure in my previous post as if it were passed. In that case, indeed every four voters from district 40 would have the voting power of five people from every other district.
This is actually a pretty confusing topic, I know it was for me anyway. I hope I’ve helped you understand how my imprisonment and the census count at the prison location is giving more weight to the voting power of people living close to the prison location. I know a concensus couldn’t be reached by the state government if Levenworth Federal Prison would be allowed to be moved into district 40… allowing all the prisons into ond district. I know it went to federal court and I’m not sure what happened after that. It’s extreamly hard for me to get up to date research from prison. I have to pick through outdated books, have one article ran off at a time and mailed to me (as their is a one once rule for media printed material being mailed in.) I hope this helped in understanding the numbers a bit more.
Have a blessed rest of your day!

Paul Stotts
DOC # 93319

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