Shara Cooper

Motions, by Shara Cooper

Going through the motions.
That’s a dangerous thing to do.
Doing just to do that which I normally do.
That is a dangerous way to be.
Sooner or later I would find myself in a space unfamiliar to me.
A place now foreign that once used to be all too familiar to me.
I have to get out of this cycle of going through the motions.
God forbid I get caught up in the whirlpool. Unable to shake loose.
The cycle called ‘normal’. The innocent thing ready to slowly choke the life out of me.
Just going through the motions.
And, nobody knows it but me.
Secretly, my heart slows in beating.
My ‘normal’ has changed to become my enemy.
I have to get out of this cycle before I lose all control.
Before I stop believing. Before all hope be gone.
Wake up out of this slumber, this cycle, this normal.
Stop going through the motions. Just stop.
Today. Just stop.

Shara Cooper
DOC ##163560


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  1. How right you are that motion is constant – things internally and externally moving and shifting. Yet motion shows the ABILITY to move, change, adapt, and likewise be a catalyst when situations demand a proper response. Does not motion in the body or in music reveal a upward or downward progression? Ah, so we as followers of Christ, live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28). Movement not for the sake of movement from stillness, for that is necessary, but moving in the right direction when everything is spinning around us. Our compass is Christ. May you receive direction through the guidance of the Holy Spirit today.


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