Richard Newton

Introduction Blog, by Richard Newton

my name is Richard Newton im 47 years old, icame into the system on june 20 2015 and my release date is dec.28 2048. i must advise everyone who sees this that i have been wrongly convicted and askyou to please refer to my facebook page to see the facts or some of them, of my case and you decide for yourself. Mywife say s there are almost 1500 views on facebook and it has only been up for about two weeks. I am a paralegal now which i recieved during incarceration so i could understand what was done to me as well as others and my goals are yo educate the outside citizenry of the wrongs and the laws that our prosecutors and judges and especialy defense attorney s violate to convict people every day. thank you for this opertunity richard newton 1531615 ps facebook page is richard newton from chase city va

Richard Newton
DOC #1531615

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