Kevin Davenport

Introduction Blog, by Kevin Davenport

My name is Kevin Davenport better known as Bookie B, Young Bleek or Knowledge Born King. I am currently incarcerated in cottonport, La. I was born and raised in Memphis ,Tn. I’ve been incarcerated since May 1st 2010 and my out date is May 2019. I am 31 years of age, and here is my Doc #576245
Hello World, This is my introduction and I am an Oodles and Noodles Baby. Moms struggling coming up, dad wasn’t home, so when moms was at work I was curious about what was happening in the streets. It was inevitable that I would come to prison once I started moving how I was. I didn’t have a mentor, I looked up to the drug dealers in the neiborhood who drove nice cars, whore fly close and had the bades females around. I thought that that was the way to be. I cared lesser and lesser about school and started living by the means of the dudes who where in the hood. I started shooting dice in school and out, chasing females, running with the wilder guys and started representing Vice Lord, sealing weed, smoking weed, then graduated to sealing crack, after a while I started taking people hard earn money. As I was coming up I experienced my best friend mom and dad smoking crack, some of my friends fathers where in and out of jail, others had single parent house holds, their where babies having babies, etc. My whole hood was crazy, so how do a person prevail when the up coming are repeating everything that they witness while young and thought that was the way of the world? By only seeing these things everyday it becomes normal for us who come up in proverty….
The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting greadier but I feel that if you could make it through these trails then its amazing, you are amazing,!!!
But what I am grateful for is having another chance to get my freedom back because in the belly of the beast theirs people who aren’t going to make it out. My slogan is to do it for the people who are dead and gone and for the people who aren’t never coming home, most importantly for myself. This jail time has wore me down but at the same time build me up mentally physically and spiritually. I am a strong minded individual who had it hard in life but experiencing these things it brought the best version of me out. I actually dont have nothing to complain about. Im just waiting on my moment for my feet to hit the pavement so I could make my plans manifest and help kids who where like myself that didnt have hope and that extra push from a person when they really needed it. We can become successful despite our upbringing, so I incourage y’all to

”Stay Woke Ooodles and Noodles Babies,
Long Live Born Kings and Queens”
sincerely, ”Knowledge Born King”

Kevin Davenport
DOC #576245


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