Nathan Carter

I BLEED, by Nathan Carter

By Uneek The Wryter.
I believe, I bleed for the vision to stand firm in my position…love unconditioned, truth, intuition, growth, independence while becoming religious with the ink pen to script what I envision having no sacred friendship, I consciously escaped abandonment without criminal intentions.
I exist without my best friend, she’s been a good girl interrupted destroying me and my bridges of mistake that I made in public, by placing her above GOD and everybody else, the world, myself and everything else.
To the point where you wouldn’t believe I was ready to chance my health, even if she didn’t seem right in the moments she needed to fight me. Then she unleashed, me, a civilian who had deep feelings. Showed me how to not become a sucker, but I was falling from God to human, respect to delusion with so many excuses that my issues became abusive against myself.
Now I master-mind every step to hold me up, to never fall anxious against the only one I know, me. And all of my cheating ways, I tried blaming she. Needed freedom from her addictive essence it’ll take 44 years for that…
I bleed for the smile with a concerned grin with assuming nothing, because I used to feel that if I didn’t have her I had nothing, and she finally walked by me and said nothing.
I bleed for a purpose to rewind history and take back what was hurting, the kind of love that doesn’t exist.
I think it’s worth it…The energy you’ll find in those awkward moments, self love..

Nathanel Lamont Carter
DOC #a373-396

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