Jason Mackerchar

“Feeling Ashamed” by Jason MacKerchar

Why do we feel these ways. Why does our minds trap us from real life? Why are we at faults? Why is it we make a path and sometimes the path is just too hard? All I ever want is to feel like a human being..Sometimes plans change and you feel lower then low .I hope my plans never change.. I want to be a dedicated person.. I hope I am. I get a lot of slack because I have been here for so many years..I let my heart out so much an expect it in return but how am I suppose to foist that opinion on anyone.. I can’t.. I realised I can only show me..I can’t prove me to anyone until I come home..I am lost.. I lose everyday and don’t know why..I keep my mind sharp with reading materials and my body in shape with extensive cross fit routines.. I want to be someone. I want to be wanted and needed always. I don’t want to be a let Down.. I am a man with a pure heart and will always be honest. I have been waiting and waiting for a response but the system has mocked me..Why do I have to always be a good man? I choose to do better everyday. I am also a human with feelings and sometimes my feelings get hurt.. I never mean to break..I know I have to be shining and perfect if I want to make it .
Hope this touches your hearts..
You deserve real..

@ jpay/Idaho

Jason MacKerchar
DOC #77009


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