Timothy VanGundy II

THE INTRODUCTION, by Timothy VanGundy II

I got arrested on October 14 2014 for a home invasion, it’s a funny story… Okay it’s not funny really at all. It cost me 14 years 9 months of my life! My release date is October 24 2028. Fortunately not all my time is mandatory and I can get released early. Hey, everyone has to hope for something right?

I’m a 34 old white male, people say I look like the actor Vin Diesel, I say all baldheaded white guys look alike, ha! I’m not your usual inmate, I don’t do the “gang” thing or spend my time chasing drugs. I love to read (anything educational, I’m such a nerd) and I TRY to be positive . I love music, mostly love songs, doesn’t matter country, pop, rock, RnB or rap… But its got to be love songs ha’ ha! What can I say, I’m a sensitive thug! If not love songs than something real and authentic that I can relate to. I like working out and taking care of my body, that’s the only thing we really own that they can’t take from us in here, so I cherish it.

I just rode in to this prison from another as a punishment for “establishing a relationship” with a staff member. Meaning… I had a love affair with a nurse, I told I was a sensitive thug, lol! I never meant for it to happen. It just sort of happened and honestly I’m glad it did. Its funny something as silly as a fling gave me the best gifts ever… It gave me, ME again! It gave purpose and most of all it gave me hope!

At this time in my life I was just done with life, not suicidal or anything just defeated. It’s like I had more fight in me, just no WILL to go on I was stuck in this rut for a few months when somehow I got a job in the prison. It was cool, it kept me busy and I got to see all the staff as they came in. One day I seen this pretty girl walking through the hallway wearing scrubs, she was on her way to the infirmary, all of sudden I just snapped out of it. It’s like I woke up! I didn’t have a plan or anything I was just happy to go to work and see this pretty girl. It didn’t matter that it was something silly and meaningless I had a reason to care, I had purpose again. The affects women have on men, crazy right? I didn’t try to seduce her or put myself out there, I just went to work and tried to be the best “me” I could be everyday. So I stepped the workouts up, had all my clothes tailored and always ironed, ha! Basically I got my swagger back. It was like I was in middle school again trying to impress a girl I liked, lol! Being the cordial person that I am and always having a smile on my face, a lot of the staff liked me. They would wave and say ” hi” and this particular girl would do the same but I would catch her staring at me and then she would smile. She started coming over to where I worked a lot more frequently then one day she walked by me in the sally port and purposely brushed up against me and looked me directly in my eyes and smiled. It was at that moment I realized… This whole time I had this crush and I was sizing her up she was the hunter and I was the prey, and I was caught in her trap! We started talking on the phone and messaging back and forth, one thing led to another. Before I knew it, we were sneaking off to be with each other every chance we got.

Unfortunately you can’t keep anything a secret for very long, we got sloppy and got caught. I was walking to work one day when a C.O. walked up on me and told me to “cuff up” and took me to the hole. On the way to the hole, the investigators were walking “her” out and we passed each other for the last time. The investigators questioned us separately. We both denied a physical relationship, however they had phone records that we couldn’t deny. She was fired, I sat in the hole for 70 days and was transferred… HERE! A very special place, but that’s another blog for another day, lol! The whole time I was in the hole she didn’t reach out once. That sucked because I kind of liked her, but it was what it was… A fling. I was hoping for a different ending, I guess that’s the hopeless romantic in me, ha! No matter what, I have nothing but well wishes for her because she gave me purpose, hope and showed me that for me its not over! Even though we didn’t end up together this is still a happy story… Because a great lover will always find a worthy subject for their affection!!!

This was my intro, thanks for reading and thank you Suzie for giving us an outlet!
Here is my contact info: Tim Van Gundyll #721-720@ Jpay.com

Tim Van GundyII #721-720
P.O. box 56
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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  1. You’re a very personable writer. Relatable and funny! Thanks for the smiles…. Still wondering about the rest of the funny home invasion story!


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