James Tayse

someone please help me (part 7), by James Tayse

… was handled the way it was is because it was a high profile case and the prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh, was up for re- election and wanted to use my case as a platform. but anyway after I filed on the newly discovered evidence, the court ruled that none of that evidence was newly discovered, that at the time of trial I could of discovered that evidence, and I can’t use it now, so on that aspect I’m stuck now also, which is crazy because how can I know or be expected to gather or have evidence that you lied, before you even lie, I never in a million years would expect a prosecutor to knowingly have a witness lie, how can you prepare for that ? but that’s what happened and now k just have to find a way around it, and trust me I’m trying I have the fast and speedy trial issue currently in the Ohio Supreme Court, right now and I’m praying that they do the right thing… but I know if I could shed light on my case it would help immensely, I have a Facebook page also Jimmy Tayse (wrongfully convicted) . it has all of the evidence I talked about here on it, the actual trial transcripts, police reports, criminal charges, I have just not had access to the page in a long time now, and currently have no one to help me with it, at one point I had a cell phone and was able to check on people and things and had a nice support net work… an was really making progress , but once I got caught with the phone I lost all contact, and that makes it so much harder, so if anyone is a actually reading this and you know of someone or something that might help then please share this blog….I’m really stuck and would greatly appreciate any help or advice, please if you can re- post my story and share it as much as possible as the only contact I have right now is this blog, and I have a jpay account but sadly this is the only blog I’m aware of and while we have phone tablets In our cells I have no numbers of attorneys or anyone willing to talk or help without thousands of dollar I don’t have ….please help

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James Tayse
DOC #540-094

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