May Everyone Have A Good and Safe Holiday, by Keith Mustin

you know this world the past recent months had been through alot of trials in life. from political struggles, immigrant struggles which hurt families, police brutality, to natural disasters that had destroyed all that we love and cherished in life.
always know that whatever trials that we had just went through in life, we are still breathing. we still can think about how we can make the next day better for us. we can focus on how we can turn our pain and sorrows into peace and happiness. we can learn from our mistake and gain experience from them to make better solutions in the future.
drugs, sex, fame, more power, and even money won’t give you that true feel goood that you need in life. that just show that YOU ARE JUST TRYING TO EASE THE PAIN NOT GETTING RID OF IT PERMENATELY.
you need to speaek with someone you know. speak with people who you feel that you are safe with to keep your problems to yourself. NEVER TALK ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA BECAUSE THAT WILL SPELL DOOM FOR CONFIDENTIALITY. YOU DON’T WANT ALL YOUR BUSINESS OUT THERE.
the holidays can be a perfect start. whether you can spend the holiday with family or friends. you can spend the holidays at a mission, church, synagogue, or any location that you know will always welcome you to their place with OPEN ARMS.
you are never alone in life. there are always someone that wants to help and spend time with you to get you out of the funk.
please believe me that you do’t never want your trials, pains, and sorrows fill up in life because that’lll lead to a meltown and viloent explosion. trust yourself, believe in yourself, and trust God to lead you from your troubles in life finding that person to confide in you in life.
thank you for listening and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Keith Mustin
DOC #505-112

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