Nathan Carter

Introduction Blog, by Nathan Carter

Hello World:
Mr.Nathanel Lamont
I am 44 years and still exploring life, but I am known as Uneek The Wryter.
Date admitted to Ohio Penal system was on Nov. 4th 1998. My potential release date/Parole Board date is July 21st 2023.
Born July 16th 1974 a Cancer.
I am Uneek The Wryter a poet (spoken word artist, living life at the moment being patient and taking in the movement of loving life without the drama that people offer to it. However I am thankful for the opportunity to express life in its greatness, just the same I am looking forward in sharing the conscious lifestyle of life that I have accepted into my universe.
Keeping with the midset of winning my writing has given me the chance to stay ahead of the non-sense we are surrounded by.
Please never under-estimate the power of words, I am Uneek The Wryter and my favorite artist is The Queen Erykah Badu.

Nathan Carter
DOC #a373396


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