Jarmane King

Introduction Blog, by Jarmane King

I am Jarmane King I am 37 soon to be 38 yrs old,on Christmas of this year to be exact. I am soon to be released to the public on January 17 of 2019. I am a very intellegent person full of substance I pour a lot of that substance into my writing. I am a writer at heart,and I mean that with every sense of the word. I am an author as of late to add to my repitoire of writing skills. I am a poet to the 110 power and a former hip hop and RnB writer\artist.I transfered my music writing over to poetry because it just felt right,now I’m exploring the realm of poetry with a goal of making a mark in poetry societies all across the globe. I believe writing is therapeutic and cleanses the mind and soul and is a great stress reliever. I hope to captivate audiences of all diversities and keep poetry in high regards universally. I will be soon sharing my work with you all at inmate blogger

Jarmane King
DOC #A750466

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