Anthony Waters

FREEZING WATERS, by Anthony L. Waters


It was a few years ago when I was sitting talking to u on the phone,
listening to u preach to my soul,
eye’s wide open and my mind eager to learn,
holding on firm to the fire in my heart with desire when it begain to burn,
seeking and wondering how did the fire go out?
it’s been so long ago now I’m concern,
lately I feel like u grown away from me,
and I pray its not to late for us to find a strategy or remedy,
that can repair a broken heart and a mind trapped with loving memory’s,
I’m trying so hard to find away to keep u here next to me,
so as I close my eyes and go back in time when our love was strong,
when u held me tight and u pushed me to go on before things went wrong,
how can we get back to the way things used to be,
before our wishing well freezed.

I know in the end its all on me,
but how can I really except that I lost my true love and friend,
to many nights I held her while she cooed and purred,
I struggled to get this weight off my shoulders,
attempting to press on in world where no one love ya,
while lost in the wrinkles under the fold,
with no one to hold on this dark lonely freezing road,
pillows and covers can’t smother this pain that I have,
waking up feeling like I lost my better half so sad,
gone astray trying to figure out how to live through this tragic day,
walking in the freezing rain trying to find answers no one can seem to explain.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

Categories: Anthony Waters, poems

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