Christopher Davis

Freedom! Is it really a Dream? by Christopher D. Davis

For 27 years I’ve been incacerated. From the time I was 18 I’ve been confined within the belly of the beast. Today is December 1st 2018. On this day 46years ago the world was created for me. Four days ago on November 28th 2018 I was awaken from this dream. What better news could a man in my situation receive after the horrible begining of this 2018 year then to be given his papers of freedom! YES! Finally I will be a FREEMAN! Anyone who’s been through this before understands every feeling, every vibe, every fear that I am experiencing right now. In all of my joy there is still some sadness in my heart because on January 25th 2018 I lost my biggest supporter, my mother DOTTIE MAE DAVIS! I now know that without a doubt that she has the ear of the LORD. MY GREATEST GIFT has made way for HER GREATEST GIFT to not only know GOD but to also know freedom! I may have not walked the best life while incarcerated but the experiences learn, the experiences shared I promise you I now know the TRUE MEANING OF LIFE!!!
Everyone keep your heads up, stay the course and whether inside or out know that you are not alone!!!
I pray that whatever Creator’s shadow you walk in that you are embraced with It’s GRACE!!!

Christopher Dewayne Davis
DOC #55187

p.s. I’ll be home by Christmas!!!!

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  1. Congratulations Christopher use your knowledge and experience to educate others to have compassion and love for others in the same situation. IN no way shape or form are we perfect we aren’t meant to be after all God gives us “free will” then it is up to us to make the decisions good or bad we go through. Sorry for the loss of your mother, but you can hold true to your promises to be a better man and son from here on out!!! YAY home for Christmas remember one thing though take one day at a time to readjust to the real world it’s been a long time an so much has changed. I wish you the best baby steps….


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