Family Values, by Leslie Harris

What i fight 4 was mines to begin with at birth..Why’d anyone oppose my reach 4 ownership?When our ancestor cry, be willin 2 die 4 its worth! Therefore idefy any snap of the whip,nuthin has ever been given 2 the humble.But the harsher blowes after the turn of cheek..SO we must be prepared for the rumble.When its a scared possession we seek,tru wisdom comes from lessons of our own steps..Thru a world that wipes away our footprints in the sand,b4 the paths can be followed by the youth after our death..Due 2 the wicked design of greedy & racist hands….that oppress like the weight of the world on your chest…Systematically holdin us back because we’re poor..Unapologetically exercise stretogem of power& finese to finally seize whats already our Freedom… Always remember a wise person builds there home on Rocks and not sand….When the storm comes to try to blow your family foundation down..It will stand on whatever comes its way because its on rocks..But buildin your family foundation on sand …Everything you work so hard for will be destroyed..

Leslie Harris
DOC #599747


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