James Tayse

someone please help me (part 6), by James Tayse

… so after getting all this evidence and proof, I file more motions based on this new evidence, and I ask the court to please consider my case on the merits, you have to understand I am serving a life sentence based on that known perjured testimony, and all I ask is that the court do three simple things (1), ask the prosecutor on the record if she questioned the witnesses about dropping rape charges ? (2), ask her to produce a copy of these charges, & (3), and if she produces a copy then deny my appeal , but if she can’t then ask her why she had a witness lie about filing and dropping rape charges ? the thing is everything is part of the record, her questions to the witnesses and their answers are all part of the record, everything I’ve ever been charged with my entire criminal history is part of the record and has to be by law, under the Ohio criminal rules of procedure rule 16, part of the discovery is my complete criminal history, every allegation ever made against me in my life is in there in fact the prosecutor used it against me at my sentencing , what is not in there are these alleged rape charges against me, in the testimony they give you the exact date they say it happened, 4-16-03, they tell you where it happened Indiana county Pennsylvania, I challenge anyone, you the person reading this, the judge, the prosecutor, anyone……please contact them and ask them, its that simple ……but here’s the trick and the reason that no one has the courage to make that call, because once you admit that those allegations were false, and the prosecutor knowingly used perjured testimony, then not only will my conviction be overturned due to prosecutor misconduct, but every conviction ever obtained by that prosecutor gets called into question and the flood gates will open a lot of people will be released, some innocent some guilty, and the thing is I didn’t have a assistant prosecutor, I had the head prosecutor, the elected prosecutor of Summit County Ohio, the woman who’s name is on each and every indictment out of summit county Ohio, for a long time, and this is not the first time she has been accused of misconduct, either I remember when I first got indicted back in 2007, she screwed up another high profile case, she refused to release a man who was proved to be innocent, Clarence Ekins, after the Ohio innocence project, helped to clear his name she still refused to listen until she was forced to, like I said this was the same time I was going through my case, and I believe that a lot of the reason that my case …to be continued…

James Tayse
DOC #540-094

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