Nishawn Critney

Introduction Blog, by Nishawn Critney

Hello my name is Nishawn Critney (D.O.C.# 725706) I’m currently serving a 7year prison sentence (intake 1\16\2015-1\16\2022) and will shortly be released due to good time credits (1\3\2020). I’m 24 years old and from New Orleans,La. Before my incarceration I went thru the transition of college student to going down the path of self destruction. Now I see Life for what it really is. Sad to say but I needed everything to be taken from me to see that. Am I mad for my current situation?? Yes and No. I hate the fact that I’m in prision but I’m glad that I have a chance to be in a position to re-evaluate my self-worth. I joined this site to here different opinions on my own and to maybe gain connections that may benefit me when I re-enter the civilized world. You can contact me on J-Pay or you can go the old fashion route and send me a letter to:

Nishawn Critney #725706
RLCC Caj-2 B-2
1630 Prison Rd.
Cottonport, La 71327

where I’m currently being housed. I hope you enjoy my writings and opinions hope to here from you. Thanks for reading…


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