by Ronald Johnson

Hello InmateBlogger Family… I pray tht we all soon be home with thoes who care about us and love us, I also Pray America Wakes up and Stop Allowing Prison Profitteering!!!! And Absolutely Stop Unequal Justice and apply K.S.A.21-4639/21-6628(c) as the law provides in kansas, it has been just about 5 years now America that this State has been ignoring this Absolute Right To A Sentence Modification as the law provides , or are we going to Continue in Violation of 60 people Absolute Rights for our own Corrupt Reasons as A Public Ellected Officals?? Or is Justice and applying the Law more important than personal beliefs??? Your Help is need if you read this ask this state why is Justice being Denied because it is Inmates? Think About What to be Thankful For..

Ronald Johnson EDCF #79020
P.O.Box 311
El Dorado, Kan.67042

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