Be Free! by Shara Cooper

If you would forgive me,
You might be surprised to find what it is really like to be free.
Still years later you are consumed with bitterness,
The unforgiveness you display deteriorates.
Bound by hate that you claim to rightly own.
Oh, how I wish I could take away the cold draft that resides in your home.
The home of your heart that is.
The very place you hold me hostage as your enemy.
I hurt for you.
Believe it of not, I do.
Praying that you would one day pull through.
Through to your freedom.
To get to the peace that is readily available for you.
To experience real joy.
To no longer be a slave to the real enemy.
If I apologized and said to you that I am so very sorry,
Would your heart let go of the hate?
If I shared the sorrow of my soul and asked for your forgiveness,
Would you be willing to renounce your ownership of bitterness?
What will it take for you to be free?
I sincerely want to know.
So many years later and your still controlled when you think that you are in control.
Locked in chains and iron just like me.
It matters not that the place of your body is considered ‘free’.
You are really a prisoner just like me.
Even more so, a slave to your real enemy.
Your mind is burdened with evil and vengeful thoughts.
Hurting no one but yourself even more.
Although you plot relentlessly to hit others at the core.
There is no peace and freedom in that.
Your heart is blocked with unforgiveness and hate.
Joy and happiness resides not in your face.
I am so sorry. Would you please find it in your heart to forgive me?
I really want you to be at peace.
Lord knows, I truly want you to be free.
Please be set free.
Would you please find the courage to forgive me.
I want you free.

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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  1. How beautiful are your lines, “Praying that you would one day pull through.Through to your freedom. To get to the peace that is readily available for you.” YES! forgiveness is possible because of Christ’s love. May those in your circle of influence choose to forgive and let go.


  2. Thank you for your poem Shara. I think you have captured the real meaning of asking for forgiveness. It’s an act that is really about helping the person who forgives regain their freedom from the pain we may have inflicted upon them. When they forgive, they let go of the darkness that caused their pain.

    I hope you are finding what you need on your journey.


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