Mark Blain

“The Secret Covenant” (Pt. I), by Mark Blain

To the ‘ENLIGHTENED,’ the following draft is a true copy of the oath sworn to by THE most insidious organization in existence. My revelation of it is, to be quite frank, unwise. But I believe the world’s’ populace deserves to know the truth:

“The Secret Covenant” (Pt. I)
(A Revelational Report By Mark Blain, AKA — Kidoshar)

An illusion it will be — sooooo vast that it will escape their perception. Those who see it and speak of it will be thought of as insane…

…we, the Creators of this grand plan, will create separate fronts to prevent anyone from seeing the connection (-s) between us. We will behave as if we are not connected, in order to keep the illusion perpetuated. Our goals will be accomplished one solitary drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion on ourselves, while simultaneously misdirecting their concentration to insignificant matters, thus preventing anyone from perceiving the changes as they occur. Our existence will always be above the relative field of their experience, for we are ONE with the secrets of the ABSOLUTE!

We will work together always bound by an oath of secrecy, remaining loyal to one another, swearing to our own demise: death to anyone revealing our true nature.

We will strive to keep the lives of these automatons short, and their minds and willpower weak, all the while pretending to do just the opposite. By use of soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives, in their food, fluids, air and wearing apparels they will be blanketed by poisons everywhere. Using our knowledge of sciences, technologies and chemistries in such subtle ways that they will never see it coming. These poisons will be absorbed/ingested through their skin, lungs and mouths, hidden in everything that surrounds them. The poisons will be “legally” allowable in terminology that condones their existence (i. e., “…acceptable levels in parts per billion…”, etc.). They’ll willingly partake of such, believing our lies of “…harmlessness in exposure at safe levels…”: fools they are, for there are no such levels of safety from ANY poisons. We will destroy their minds and their reproductive abilities, and their children will be born with defects and deficiencies. We must be cunningly deceptive in dispensing our poisons, or else they might become aware.

They will slave away in our service, working to satiate our desires. We will reward their labors with a mere pittance of what it’s worth And then they will patronize our materialistically-driven stores, returning our wealth to us, buying the very products that are subjecting them to our poisons; all the while we chuckle derisively at their folly.

They will be mentally-controlled by our various media: newspapers, television, radio, computers, etc. In conjunction, such will advertise our poisonous products and their growing accustomed to the poisons, etc., never knowing their true insidious effects.

At the very moment they give birth to life, we will begin injecting their progeny with our poisons and convince them it is for their own good that we do this: starting early on, when their minds our young and impressionable, we will target their brain’s ‘pleasure-centers’ with what they crave. Psychologically-wise, mind control is quite simple. One does not have to subject them to some strenuously mental game. The real control mechanism is the “CREATURE” itself. The creature desires to please the various sensory input. Provide the seductions necessary for the pleasing of these sponsors and you are, in reality, their masters; they are now the puppets and you the marionettes. Your factorings are nothing more than mere motivators: greed, envy, desire, lust, etc.; the list is as long as your imagination. Make of it what you will and they will fall at your feet, begging to do your bidding. Their futures are yours to steal and command.

When they manifest illness, we will provide (so-called) “medicines” that may deceptively cure them, but, in reality, they’ll make them even sicker, causing other diseases and organ failures, for which we will produce more medicines. They will grow depressed, dim-witted, obese, etc. And when they come to us for help — and trust me, they will come — we will simply smile and give them more poisons, having them sign the forms for all of their fortunes, and in the back rooms, with the two-way mirrors, our reclamation lieutenants are already processing the financial papers necessary for the takeover of their possessions. We will lyingly promise to find cures from our myriad of pharmaceutical fronts, feeding them with even more poisons, all approved and sanctioned by our FDA Wizards.

We will focus their attentions towards money and material goods, so that they will be distracted and never connect with their inner selves. We will lure them to lust with fornications, externals, materialism and anything that activates the biochemicals of their brain’s pleasure centers. Their minds will belong to us and we will do as we wish. If for some reason they do find the willpower to refuse, we will find ways to implement mind-altering methodologies in order to compel them to comply and/or usage of fear-inducing techniques as motivators.

We will establish their governments and establish opposites within. We ourselves will own and control both sides. We will control the financial institutions, ideologies of the world, the phosophies propounded, the rules and regulations of business management, etc., all will be at our control; and all the while advocating a pretense, disguising our objectives, as we carry out our plans to achieve dominion. They will be our mindless automatons and slaves and we shall prosper from their toiling, as they die to do our bidding, even believing they are part of some endeavor of good deeds. And as for those they look up to for guidance? (cont. in Pt. II).

Mark Blain, #1154225
Nottoway Corr. Ctr., LOE-108
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922

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