James Tayse

someone please help me (part 5), by James Tayse

…so now the court and everyone just heard that she lied and I was never even accused of anything sexual let alone rape. so next the prosecutor calls my ex to the stand and at some point the prosecutor asks her well at some point were charges dropped against Jim relating to your daughter, and she testifies truthfully at that point and says yes, there were charges against Jim for taking my daughter out of the house, and then the prosecutor asks and were those the rape charge’s, and now she lies and says yes, so the prosecutor asks well what happened and she testifies that Jim and his mom said they would not drop the charges against my husband unless we dropped the charges against him, and the prosecutor asked and would that be the rape charges against Jim, at some point my attorney objects and the judge asks to what and my attorney says the prosecutor is leading the witness, now since all of that testimony was false wasn’t the prosecutor leading the witness to commit perjury ? after some more questions the prosecutor asks her where these charges were dropped, and she states Indiana county Pennsylvania, anyway after my motion was denied I figured it would be easy to get newly discovered evidence as their entire testimony was a lie, and a very detailed lie at that, so I went on a mission since they said these charges were dropped in Indiana county Pennsylvania, I wrote the clerk of courts there and told them exactly what happened and asked them if they could send certified papers saying that I was never charged with rape or anything other then interference with the custody of children and trespassing, the clerk sent me back a copy of my criminal history there with was only the interference and trespassing charges and informed if what I said was true then I needed to contact a lawyer immediately, I also contacted my ex the one they said was there and that it happened in her apt, she sent back a notarized affidavit stating that it was a lie, and it was factually impossible because on 4-16-03, she was no longer living in the apt in the projects where she testified it happened, and she would get a copy of her lease to prove it and that she will show up to testify, …

James Tayse
DOC #540-094

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