James Tayse

someone please help me (part 4), by James Tayse

… and the charges were dropped on him for assault, that was what happened on 4-16-03, well when I went to trial years later on this case the prosecutor put my exs daughter on the stand and she testified that on 4-16-03, I came to her house and kidnapped her, I then took her to my girlfriends house in the projects, and once my girlfriend left for work that I violently raped her, and when my girlfriend came home from work she caught us in bed together, then my girlfriend asked her to join us, but she refused, she then testified that she went to the police and I was charged with rape, but the charges were dropped against me because her mom and dad beat me up after finding out that I raped there daughter, and the only way to keep her dad out of jail was to drop the rape charges against me, the prosecutor repeatedly asked the both the mother and daughter about dropping rape charges against me, in fact at one point during the daughters testimony before she ever said I was charged with anything, the prosecutor asked the daughter was Jim ever charged with raping you ? and her answer was I don’t think so, then the prosecutor asked well at any time were charges dropped, and the daughter testified that yes her dad was going to jail so she had to drop the charges, and the prosecutor asked and were those the rape charges ? and she said yes… now like I said before I was never charged with rape, or of anything of a sexual nature, I was never even accused of anything other then giving her a ride and trespassing. so her complete testimony was false and perjured, so after the prosecutor had her tell that story, my attorney questions her, and once again asks her, were you raped, where did it happen, did you tell the police ? and she tells him the same story, at which point my attorney enters into evidence her actual statement made to the police and a copy of the charges filed against me and then begins to question her about it, and she admitted she lied that she never told the police any of that and I was never charged with rape …

James Tayse
DOC #540-094

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