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Article on nothing

I’ve got nothing , absolutely nothing , my imagination is dry as a desert. No inspiration , no creativity , no desire , my soul has shriveled like a autumn leaf in the cold dry October wind , November whatever month it is , I don’t care. I am just being forced to be alive on this god forsaken planet as it skids along its hapless journey along its gravitational well letting this too bright sun rain down its rays of light burning my retinas out. thanks god… why don’t we all just fall into the ocean and swim down to the bottom and see how long it takes to release the pressure in our head , that’s what I want to do …. what’s the point of getting up and walking around in circles being tormented by haunting memories of a lost life. Or knowing your so awkward that you made a decent nice person feel like they have to avoid you , that just crushes me inside. I managed to ruin what little harmless rapport there was for one little moment with a sweet and kind soul . ..
No one cares that We are just piceces of enengy born in the stars… Literally . The atoms that make up our bones and blood and everything else were cooked in ancient super giants that exploded as supernovae billions of years ago spewing out the heavy elements that compose the iron in our blood , the calcium of our bones. Am I the only one that thinks that is neat and fascinating. Also that all the objects around us are , made from these atoms as well , are nearly empty space and feel solid because of the electromagnetic phenomenon of electron repulsion of two like charges and that we never really touch anything , that there is always a microscopic amount of space hovering in between.
In the dark evening , the night wraps its cold blanket of sorrow around me like a icy skin , did it mean to make me shiver and shudder leaving me wanting to be dead. Its silence sends the message it needs to say …goodbye.
but , I just wanted to say hello…nothing more , not to bother , I know your a soul from another dream, not from my world…

there must be some way out of here , said the joker to the thief
there’s too much confusion , I can’t get no relief
along the watch tower. – Jimmi Hendrix

some say the end is near , some say we’ll see Armageddon soon , certainly hope we will , sure could use a vacation from this bullshit , three ring circus side show, this fucking place we call home , the only way to fix it is to flush it all away
run for your figures , run for your prozac ,run for your contract , run for your latte
learn to swim , flush it all away , mom’s going to fix set it back to how it was, with fault lines that can’t sit still , followed by meteor showers , and tidal waves , followed by millions of dumbfounded dipshits , some say the end is near ,I certainly hope so
fuck mother Hubbard , fuck all these clowns , fuck all these gun toting gangster wannabes , and fuck all your tattoos , fuck all you junkies and your short memory
learn to swim , learn to swim , fuck all these dysfunctional people
I’m praying for rain , I want to see the ground give way , flush it all away

Aenema – Tool

Still nothing to say but i babble on like a senile fool . how do people think about stuff to write about …what is there to say I feel like my head has emptied out. I’m rubbing flint and shooting only spark, no flames no fire.

she had the word , the way of letting me know,
she knew the game , called the play , oh she hit me low
said you go your way , I’ll go mine and that’s a start
ain’t no cure , ain’t no doctor , for this pain in my heart

gimme a bullet. – ac/dc

well , I woke up again alive and well , just wonderful , I just keep going and going I’m the fucking energizer bunny.. blah blah I want to be a cat instead , “meow” I have lost my insight and direction, so I might a well just be another idiot babbling on about nothing I can’t write my short story ideas because I just had to have the opinion of a particular person and let things go south , I don’t feel like writing about my political ideas can’t do it now without sounding like a leftist extremist guerrilla terrorist , because that is the only possible way to respond to such a racist bigot administration that we now have
I can only write poems when I’m inspired by a woman , and there is nothing going on there.

I am the entity of years of corruption , I’m on the intelligent side
I have no identity , no nationality
I’m the one who changes the tide
I’ve got no real name , revolution is my game
there will be mercy to none
violent overthrow of regimes
that’s a ASPHYX song, not me, SERENADE IN LEAD , I can’t even continue it here because it would get flagged and I would be investigated by the FBI

I feel nothing… I’m dead inside , now, I think… there is no longer any purposive reason for this… I don’t know what to do…maybe the feeling will come back to me…probably not , my story is dying , my rhythm is gone . am I a cat yet? meow meow , I’m getting there.

don’t come around here no more, stop walking down my street, who are you expecting to meet,
don’t come around here no more. – TomPetty

cursed , black magic night , I’ve been struck down , down in this hell
spells surround me day and night , stricken by the force of this evil light
kept under its spell ,blinding my eyes ,twisting my mind
captive of a force of its might , fighting the curse , break it I must
laughing in sorrow , crying in lust
my strength slips , soon I must fall , victim of misfortune
my sources grow small , life slips away as my demons comes forth
death takes my hand and captures my soul

black majick. – Slayer

I want to know how God created this world
I’m not interested in this or that phenomenon
or th

Travis M Smith
DOC #529433

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