Major McCormick

How many others have them, by Major McCormick

I really go into moods of understanding when things seem to be off kilter. Mr, venus and Mercury are being selfish with the sun, ignoring earths need for perfect warmth, even during sumer months.
When things seem out of balance I tend to find balance with in, what do I need? what do I not need? does warmth come from outside or indside? The answer is the same answer to where does your strength come from? others? or yourself? True strength comes from within, so should true warmth. If you are a warm person youdont need others to make warm. You’re probably busy warming others. They say these peope have a sunny personality,they are lways upbeat, positive, and a source f good feelings, In doing this time i’ve had lows, highs, eaks and leveled realties. Expectations can only be placed onself, this will keep you safe from alot of let downs that life can offer if you choose to believe in anyone outside of yourself. So spending years in and around people from every walk of life you learn a little about everyone but you learn alot more about yourself, know our limits and your boundries an kow your friends and usall this word is misspelled it usually doesnt have an s one true friend is hard enought to find finding one is like searching the sky for pebes every once in a while youl getlucky and find a friend you can truly call your friend but better than a finding a friend is finding yourself, the best friend of all.

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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