Fatherless, by Noah Williams

I keep asking myself how can I be a positive influence in my sons do I make sure that he knows that I love and care for him more than anything in this world even though I’m not there.I say. Noah you have to send him letters and call him and explain to him why your not there.let him know about the bad choices you made that lead you to prison so the cycle began and stops with you.make sure you explain the love you have for him in a way which he what’s I your heart so he knows he’s loved and above all else make sure he’s aware that your proud of him.make sure he doesn’t walk through this world feeling like his father doesn’t care because he’s not there.apologize for removing yourself from his life every chance you get until he asks you to stop and even then a couple times more won’t hurt.then you stop a d ask yourself how do I accomplish what I know is needed when my sons mother is trying to erase me from his life.
my name is Noah Williams I’m twenty nine years old.I was arrested on 1-14-08 and my out date is 5/15/29.I’m currently serving a 21yr prison term for robbery. my inmate number is 560672.this was suppose to be a introduction letter but instead I wrote what was on my heart.durning the course of serving this time I’ve done a lot of self reflection and have come to realize that nothing is more important to me than my son.He’s the one good thing that I’ve done right and I want to keep him from making the same mistakes as me.
wherever you are Noah Jr I love you and I’ll continue to reach out so that one day soon we can build our relationship on a foundation of truth,honesty, and will stay in my prayers and don’t be mad at your mother she’s doing what she feel is best for you.I love you lil mannnn…..

Noah Williams
DOC #a560672


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