Tis The Season, by Major McCormick

Now that the holidays are approaching do you know what a holiday means to a person in prison? Another day witout mail. a day to realize no one really cres, a day to remind you yuou really dont mean much to any one, another day you spend with strangers, another day hoping someone will answer the phone. Shocking but not so muc, its just another day, the same as the others especially for people who do not have a strong support from family and fiends alot of people stop being family, friends, and pastors to those behind bars, some how they begin to think the prisone is doing great! Awesome, just peachy, but he/she sleeps on hard metal with 2 inches of cushion that crushes to a half under their weigt. They lose touch with reality, are fed portions of food that would make a puppy run away from home while th world celebrates, drunk, hig full and happy. Alot of them forget to share withthe one who still loves them though….. The rest is self explanatory…. Write your family, answer your phone during te holidays, The rate of suicide in prison during tis seas are worth 50cents of prevention 15 cents on the Jpay, email or visit this is for all to read from someone that cares about other people.

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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